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  • How can i insert a picture to my homepage if I don’t have this option in my theme?
    My home page is the last posts and I want to add a picture to it…
    is there any way guys? thanks!

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  • Your editor has a little icon that looks like film there is where you refer to the pic you want after you load it into your asset folder.
    Because you are saying you have just a blog with no static or home page right?

    P.S It is right next the film looking icon, hover over and it will describe

    I didnt understand..what editor where is that icon?

    my homepage is not a page its the defult showing my latest posts one after the other

    yeah ok fine,,, your dashboard–find posts—select post–select edit and when your editor comes on with that article you will look to the top of yoru editing box See upload/insert at the top–next to it you will see 4 icons 1 image 2 vid 3 audio 4 media <—Not written out but ICONS
    Select the appropriate desired upload and notice the link or address it created copy that and if you need to (not sure) but you may have to re insert that address so you site knows where that image is parked to reference it.

    Im sorry if im not getting it straight.. but what you said here is how to add a picture to a post, right?
    What I meant is how i put my pic in the homepage and under it will come all my latest posts
    see this site:

    what i want is to look like it but instead of the text under the picture will come my latest posts automaticly changing like the defult..

    Ahhh, I am not sure if you can do that Unless you park the desired pic into your Header… Or you can create a Welcome.PHP
    See control panel and Editor then look to your right column and you will see Welcome.php
    You could essentially load your media in there and it will “float in the upper right corner no matter how many posts you do.
    If your Blog Posts is your splash or home page.
    If you want you can adjust your Header parameters to accommodate your picture size if it is too skinny. Not sure the theme you picked.

    I am a novice at CSS so asking me which PX to change in your Header.php might be better to close this thread and re post for
    How to change HeaderPHP parameters. I you are going to park that pic in your header so it is constant throughout. That is why I suggested your Welcome.php as it floats on the Blog page if I am not mistaken. It does on mine at least. Well…. up until my last update, Hence me being on here

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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