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  • I know this has been asked before and I’ve read soem of the responses but I get the feeling a lot of you are a bunch of geeks who want to show off the techiness and talk the lingo I just don’t frigin get.

    Is there anyone that can explain step by step where the hell I place my logo? I’ve read and read and still not getting it.

    We aren’t all IT savvy.


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  • Insolence gets you everywhere!!! Yeah you.


    What theme are you using?
    What is your blog address?
    Where would you like your logo to appear on the page?

    Specifics will get you the answer you need.

    If you are determined to maintain that you are not IT savvy there is not much point in using open source hack it yourself software. The hosted service might suit you more. But no one who knows the answer is going to answer your rude question. There are quite enough folk here who are grateful to be helped.

    I know I know, it’s just so frustrating.

    WordPress Classic 1.5 by Dave Shea
    Blog address is
    and I’d like the logo in the left upper corner of the page.



    Root wp comes with my hosting plan. I have 7 other sites 4 are for my business which are easy to maintain.

    I take it you want it in the green part to the left of the title text?

    Yes please 🙂


    Is it just me or this question was not resolved? I am new and I am learning to read the frequently asked questions and forums. Where is the answer to this question because I will also need it later on? Thanks.

    hey rootcauses, did you notice that FreeFallGal answered the most recent question 32 minutes before your post?

    Patience, lad!

    Where would I notice that? I am learning to navigate this system.

    below each post, it says how long ago it was made.

    Well, I tried. I thought I knew how but I can’t get it to work. My php just ain’t up to par, sorry.

    Hopefully a more experienced person on this forum can help you.

    You are using the classic theme so it shouldn’t be too hard.

    I’ll plug at it for a bit longer and see what I can come up with.

    Dissing the geeks is never good. Particularly not the Brits. They are a funny lot.

    Oh Root! You does make I laugh!


    Oh fuck it. I’ll get someone to just do the whole darn thing for me. Got no time to piss around.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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