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  • I upgraded my WordPress to 2.3 the other day and have had no problems/errors with it thus far, except with the insert/edit image button. I can click on the button and insert an image fine, but if I go back to edit the settings (IE: I want to change the horizontal space from 0 to 3) for an image hitting the insert/edit image button again to bring up the box and then hit okay after making changes, it REINSERTS the image a second time so then I have the image displaying twice instead of once, so I have to delete the second image.

    Not sure if anyone else is having this problem but its really annoying 🙁 Anyone know why it’s doing that or how to fix it?

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  • I got the same problem. Also, the image size has been set as Height=1 and Width=1 so that the image becomes invisible after I click the image button. I thought the problem, at least with I.E., has been confirmed by others. How come there seems not much talks about it, let alone a fix for it?

    I’m using version 2.3.1, and this is an issue as well. I’ve searched for a fix too, and haven’t found one. I’m anxiously awaiting one.

    I installed the fckeditor, and don’t have this problem with images anymore.

    I have the same problem, but when i installed the FCKEditor the problem was solved…

    Really sweet WYSIWYG editor, Thanks for sharing 🙂

    I can confirm this bug too. I’m anxious to see it resolved. It has been reported here:

    Unfortunately ‘upgrading’ to FCKEditor isn’t an option for me because of some essential TinyMCE editor plugins.

    This bug is very consistent. TinyMCE seems to ‘asume’ in IE7 that whenever the dimensions field is left empty it should make it at least 1 pixel in both dimensions.

    I see the ticket was closed as fixed in 2.5. So now what? Sit on our thumbs and wait for that version to come out? How about a patch for 2.3.x people?

    I too have also found that this is a major issue that remains unresolved. 🙁

    I have been configuring a test run of WordPress (2.3.3) with the hope that it could be employed as a quick CMS for several clients who have requested this capability for a simple site. Many of these users are not overly code-savvy …and employing WordPress should not require them to be so. Unfortunately, the errors that the TinyMCE image editing introduces would leave such users befuddled and discouraged. Not good.

    Those who suggested ‘upgrading’ to FCKEditor are doing a disservice as this becomes a band-aid on the problem and compounds the issues with its own set: In experimenting with the FCKEditor plugin I’ve found that it allows for its own file-uploads. This sounds sweet until one realizes that WordPress’s own file manager/viewers will not recognize the files uploaded through FCKEditor. Presumably WordPress is utilizing the image info for its native file displays/viewers from database entries – which would explain why it is not aware of the uploads via FCKEditor even when the latter is pointed to the same directory for its usage.

    Employing the FCKEditor then is clearly NOT a solution to the issue and will only result in potentially VERY confused clients/users later on! 🙁

    Please, Please find suitable resolution for this ongoing issue. Thanks.

    I’m running 2.3.3 and my Insert/Edit image button just brings up a blank box, with an x in the top right corner to close it.

    I can’t get it to do anything at all.

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