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    I’m using the free version which doesn’t allow short code. How can I insert the page of the organizer version in my template?

    I’ve tried to copy the code from organizer.php, but without success.


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  • Plugin Author Gustavo Bordoni


    Hi @antoniopaim,

    That unfortunately isn’t a super easy customization to make so it might quite a bit of development knowledge to get to.

    Let me try to aid you in figuring out a path forward.

    What file is that you are talking about? Would you mind sending me the whole path and content of the organizer.php file you mentioned?

    best regards.

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    Excuse me. I reported incorrectly. The file I need to include in my template is the month.php code. I tried to open and copy all the code, but an error occurs.

    $header_classes = [ 'tribe-events-header' ];
    if ( empty( $disable_event_search ) ) {
    	$header_classes[] = 'tribe-events-header--has-event-search';
    	<?php tribe_classes( $container_classes ); ?>
    	data-view-rest-nonce="<?php echo esc_attr( $rest_nonce ); ?>"
    	data-view-rest-url="<?php echo esc_url( $rest_url ); ?>"
    	data-view-rest-method="<?php echo esc_attr( $rest_method ); ?>"
    	data-view-manage-url="<?php echo esc_attr( $should_manage_url ); ?>"
    	<?php foreach ( $container_data as $key => $value ) : ?>
    		data-view-<?php echo esc_attr( $key ) ?>="<?php echo esc_attr( $value ) ?>"
    	<?php endforeach; ?>
    	<?php if ( ! empty( $breakpoint_pointer ) ) : ?>
    		data-view-breakpoint-pointer="<?php echo esc_attr( $breakpoint_pointer ); ?>"
    	<?php endif; ?>
    	<div class="tribe-common-l-container tribe-events-l-container">
    		<?php $this->template( 'components/loader', [ 'text' => __( 'Loading...', 'the-events-calendar' ) ] ); ?>
    		<?php $this->template( 'components/json-ld-data' ); ?>
    		<?php $this->template( 'components/data' ); ?>
    		<?php $this->template( 'components/before' ); ?>
    		<header <?php tribe_classes( $header_classes ); ?>>
    			<?php $this->template( 'components/messages' ); ?>
    			<?php $this->template( 'components/breadcrumbs' ); ?>
    			<?php $this->template( 'components/events-bar' ); ?>
    			<?php $this->template( 'month/top-bar' ); ?>
    		<?php $this->template( 'components/filter-bar' ); ?>
    			<?php $this->template( 'month/calendar-header' ); ?>
    			<?php $this->template( 'month/calendar-body' ); ?>
    		<?php $this->template( 'components/messages', [ 'classes' => [ 'tribe-events-header__messages--mobile' ] ] ); ?>
    		<?php $this->template( 'month/mobile-events' ); ?>
    		<?php $this->template( 'components/ical-link' ); ?>
    		<?php $this->template( 'components/after' ); ?>
    <?php $this->template( 'components/breakpoints' ); ?>
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    Completing: on this page that I want to include the calendar, it runs a query that loads a list of posts, below the calendar.


    Plugin Author Gustavo Bordoni


    As I mentioned that is not a super simple customization, that is why our Shortcodes are part of our Pro Plugin, because it’s a tricky piece to include separately.

    We have plans to re-visit parts of this code in the future to make it easier to do what you are suggesting without more extensive WordPress coding experience, but for now what I can point you in the direction of is:

    tribe( Template_Bootstrap::class )->get_view_html() Which wont load assets properly, becuase those are tied to the /events page.

    Or Tribe\Events\Views\V2\View::make( 'month', tribe_context() )->get_html()

    Again both are not made to be included standalone, due to how complex the month view actually is.

    Best regards,

    Thread Starter antoniopaim


    Thanks Gustavo.

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