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    I’m getting annoyed…

    All the sudden the wp insert function has gone bonkers….
    One minute I can insert text….
    the next that insert blocks out THAT post except for the heading of the post and the rest of the home page….

    I have drop the post in the trash to free up the home page…
    That will happen sometimes…
    And sometimes it doesn’t…
    I have NO idea why this happens…
    But today the post that did blocked the side bar….
    I have no problems with images….
    I think…


    any ideas out there?
    could be wp or the theme?

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  • If you’re seeing strange things happening in the Dashboard, the first thing to try is to deactivate all your plugins. If this solves the issue, then most likely one of your plugins is the cause of the conflict. You can re-activate them one at a time to try to find the culprit.

    The other thing to try is to change your theme to the default Twenty Eleven theme and see if that helps.

    the wp-stats plugin doesn’t work right……

    the thing is this comes and goes…
    we tried the plugins route several times…..

    I’ll try the theme switch…..


    so far so good….

    I turned off the wp-stats plugin and things seem to be fine…..

    I went back to the plugin home site and it seems the guy who made the plugin in isn’t supporting it….

    That’s shame because it beats the wp default stats….
    I had to turn off the Jetpak stats plugin also…
    It REALLY crashed my site….

    Sounds like you’ve found the issue. Good to hear! 🙂

    thanks I ‘ll keep my fingers crossed!


    He, he, he…..

    I NOW KNOW the problem….
    I was running a plugin call wp-plugin stats I see….

    And the wp-stats plugin….

    There must have been a conflict between the those TWO….
    The wp-stats plugin I turned off…
    Things seem to be fine….

    Thanks again….

    I wil keep an eye on things…

    No probs. Glad you got it sorted. If everything’s working fine, could you please mark this as “resolved”. Thanks

    I’m marking this resolved…..

    Thanks Ant….
    Keep up the Good Work!

    Thanks James. My pleasure 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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