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  1. Cathy Tibbles
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Occasionally, I'd like to write a post, with background image specific to the post. I do understand (only from the codex) how to edit the css, and templates. I think that this would require a conditional query for an image, each time I do this. Can anyone help write this?

    My idea: Maybe if I called the image "new post bkgd" and overwrote it with each new upload, then I could query the same title, and actually get a different image? (oh - but then the archives would have a broken link, right? - is there a way to put the image IN the post, without a link?) Is there a way to query some sort of clue in the post content itself?

    Also, there are no plugins that I can find on google or wordpress, using keywords - layer, image, background, or insert.)

  2. Cathy Tibbles
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Duh! I just put the text on my image, and upload it together!

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