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  1. Agrajag27
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Howdy all. Learning quickly after coming over from Blogger.

    One thing I'm trying to find the best solution for is a way to handle a problem I have with my movie reviews (50% of my posts and growing).

    I give each movie a rating of 0-4 with half-star ratings in between. However, I can't find a simply way to make that easy. I'd love to find a plugin that could provide a shortcode so that, while editing, I could click it, pick how many stars (out of the total) I want and then have that go wherever I want it.

    The problem is that virtually every way of searching for this thinks I want a rating SYSTEM. I don't. I just want some very basic graphics. No readers are rating anything.

    Does anyone have a good idea for the best way to deal with this or a link to a solid solution?

    Thanks so much.

    FYI, you can see why this would be useful in this post:


    54 movies using asterisks and "1/2" as stand-ins for graphics. Blech.

  2. Bob Foale
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I believe "Star Rating for Reviews" will provide exactly what you are looking for. Once installed, it requires a very simple syntax, e.g.

    [rating:3.5/4] will display 4 stars with the 4th half shaded.

    [rating:3.95/5] will display 5 stars with the 4th almost filled, etc.

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