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    When using Insert PHP V1.1, while it works fine it will cause the simple press posts to display no information. I am sure, the forums could be recoded to use [insert_php] instead of their default code.

    This may be limited to just my testing. However if it is not,
    I would suggest updating the FAQ and/or possibly the description to include notice of this.

    Otherwise very nice plugin!

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  • Plugin Author WillBontrager


    Hey, thanks for the heads up.

    What code did you run with Insert PHP? And how did you integrate it into Simple Press? I’d like to duplicate the issue, if possible.


    Thanks for the quick response.

    I used the code ( open [insert_php] and close [/insert_php] ) as stated in the description for this plugin:

    “The PHP code is between special tags (“[insert_php]” instead of “<?php” and “[/insert_php]” instead of “?>”).”

    In regards to Simple Press, I did nothing to integrate it.
    I am assuming that Simple Press, uses a similar code to display forum posts.

    Simple Press, is a forum system that integrates with wordpress, giving users a bulletin/forum system inside of wordpress.

    If you need more information, please let me know.

    Kind Regards,

    Plugin Author WillBontrager


    Thanks, Chevyman.

    What was the code you put between [insert_php] and [/insert_php] tags? It might be something specific that interfered with Simple Press, which is what I wish to test.

    Simple Press does look pretty cool 🙂


    I believe it was a php user meta request:
    $user_id = 2;
    $key = ‘nickname’;
    $single = true;
    $user_last = get_user_meta( $user_id, $key, $single );
    echo ‘The ‘. $key . ‘ value for user id ‘ . $user_id . ‘ is: ‘ . $user_last . ”;

    If you are looking into a forum system for a wordpress site. I would take a look at using wp-united. There plugin ties in phpbb and wordpress together. Simple Press is nice, however it lacks a lot of admin options and unless you are willing to pay $20/Month for support you will not be able to access the forums for simple questions and nor access their plugins.

    Again, if you need more let me know!

    Plugin Author WillBontrager


    Hi Chevyman,

    Insert PHP will work only for code that would run without errors as a stand-alone script. Which excludes any WP hooks and WP-defined functions. (If you need WP hooks, it’s better written as a plugin.)

    I’m interested to know if the following also interferes with Simple Press, or if the interference was because a WP-defined function was called:

    $something = 'talking';
    echo $something;

    Thank you!


    Okay, after minimal testing just enabling Insert PHP V1.1 will cause posts to show no text. I would post a screen shot of this but you would just see a blank area. Disabling the Insert PHP V1.1 immediately fixes the issue.

    Again, I am not if this can be duplicated with just WordPress 3.5.2, Insert PHP V1.1 and a fresh install of Simple Press. I am just wanted to share this with others who might run into this issue.

    I will see about installing this on another site (although, I am really wanting to stray away from using simple:press, even if it is for testing only) and see if I can duplicate this on a fresh build.

    Thanks again for the great support!

    Side: WordPress Survey asked “What do you like most about wordpress” my answer was plugins… which just happened to be my answer for “What do you dislike the most”.

    Anyways, thanks again!

    Plugin Author WillBontrager


    Chevyman, I appreciate all the work you’ve done on this.

    I’ll go ahead and see if I can duplicate the issue and perhaps work around it.

    Thank you.


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