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    Im trying to organise my information page. I simply cannot figure out how to insert child pages.

    I want to show:

    Ft Img Ft Img Ft Img Ft Img
    Ft Img Ft Img Ft Img Ft Img

    and optionally excerpt (overlay on top of image would be cool)

    I have looked everywhere for shortcodes and plugins and in my mind it should be so simple. I spent days to figure it out. Please help!

    1) I want to call child pages
    2) I want to display Featured image in a nice grid (flow and fill a %)
    3) I want set image size, and distance between the images
    4) I would like to show excerpt if pages has that and maybe txt ontop of image (white)

    Do pages have categories so that I can call a specific one? or can I simply call all child pages under information?

    I am super confused about this and very frustrated

    Best H

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • If you want to display a grid of featured images/excerpts from Posts which have been assigned Child categories of a Parent category — and clicking on them takes the user to that post — that can be done, but there’s nothing simple about it.

    Coding it from scratch would require advanced skills. A paid plugin like Essential Grid can achieve what you describe. It works great, but has a learning curve.

    There are other Grid plugins I’m not familiar with, but most claim to do something like what you describe:

    If you’re somewhat new to web development and WordPress, this is a pretty complicated project, but doable. I’d plan to spend a lot of time on it.

    How many sub(child) pages we are talking about here? If we don’t have that many amount of those pages, we could just manually put in the text/image for each sub(child) page into the main/parent page, and then style it into column with custom CSS or with some grid/column plugin like @pattyayers suggested.

    Page doesn’t have category or tag. If you REALLY need those for pages, you can add it via theme function, also there is a plugin for it if you don’t know PHP.

    There are also plugins that pull content (post/page with excerpt and image) based on conditions that is useful for users who don’t want to mess with PHP, but to arrange it into column and/or make text overlay on image needs custom CSS.

    Check out this plugin

    Portfolio plugins might help you

    Thx everyone

    Is there really no shortcode with a few attributes that Can pull these pages?
    -display posts
    – display pages

    I guess a gallery could be set up and then code href in xml editor for the links.

    Will it change anything to move childpages into portfolio?
    What shortcode in that case

    Is there anywhere a good overview of short codes for WP?

    WordPress core does not have very many shortcodes (gallery, caption, audio?), and with the next phase of Gutenberg, they are on their way out.
    Shortcodes are provided by a lot of different plugins, however.

    Visual Portfolio Plugin does what I need. Thx for your assistance 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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