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  • This is a random question/request. When I go to insert media or add a featured image using the 3.5 beta media browser, It would be nice to be able to see which page I am on as the new media browser covers any reference on the page (page title, content).

    When working on multiple pages (browser tabs) it is easy to forget which page is which.

    Maybe a page reference at the top of the media browser lightbox, or move the browser down a bit to show the page title?

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  • Andrew Nacin


    WordPress Dev

    The nice thing about the new dialog is it is incredibly fast to open and close, and it saves state. So if you click away to close it and re-open it, it’ll be exactly where you left it.

    Ultimately, we want to give you as much room as possible to focus on your media, as it’s just as important as your text content. So we probably wouldn’t make the box smaller. But some kind of page reference could be nice. It’s not going to happen for 3.5, but let’s see what kind of feedback we get over the next few months. Thanks for your input!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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