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  • Something happened in my dashboard. When I am in the post entry area, I formerly had an incon on the second row of icoms for inserting media.

    This icon was a buttom with the little green filmstrip. This allowed me to insert, amongst other things, the URL of a video file stored on a server. It then prompted me to select the file type. For video the slections were Quicktime, Flash, Shockwave, Window Media etc. Once done, the video was embedded perfectly in my post.

    That button, and its functionality, are now gone! What has happened. My only video options are now the letttle gray “insert Video” button. However, this can only embed videos from youtube or a couple other CDN’s

    I would really like my old functionality back. Can anyone tell me what may have happened?


    Jeff in Palmetto ,FL

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  • Are you talking about the Kitchen Sink not showing?

    When on the post editing page and in the toolbar below the Upload/Insert set of icons on the far right hand side is an icon that 3 rows of colored boxes. If you click on that it will expand another toolbar below it giving you more options.

    Did you recently upgrade your WordPress version or activate/deactivate any plugins that dealt with embedding media?

    3.1 hides some screen options on posts & pages edit screensby default. Just turn on the ones you want.

    More info here:

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    For JarretC: Yes kitchen sink was visible. This button has just plain dissappeared. Not sure if it an upgrade issue. I am using the Godaddy hosted WordPress blog. Do you kow if WordPress has done away with this feature in 3.1? I sure hope not, that would be a bog step backward. Yes, I have been downloading and activating widgets. Could these deactivate existing functionality?

    For 1,2,3 Milliseconds: I selected all screen options. I am afraid it is not related to this.

    Downloading widgets or plugins? They are 2 different things.

    If you noticed this stopped happening after installing a new widget/plugin I would suspect that that may be the issue. It could also be a plugin that was not compatible with the upgrade to 3.1, thus the icon is no longer there.

    What plugins are you using?

    embeds are built into WP, the embed button is gone now

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    I just had the Embed/Edit media button a couple of days ago. It is crucial to our blog.

    The only embedding function that I can see at present allows insertion of embed code to video hosted on CDN’s such as Youtube. We have no interest in this at all. We need to be able to have our original video files display in our blog.

    Perhaps we are not talking about the same thing. The picture below shows the button I am referring to.

    If this is no longer used, how do we roll back to an earlier version which possesses it, or how do we insert a video from a file we have on our own web host?



    Sorry all,

    The plugin was removed due to licensing issues. It should never have been included in WordPress, and was never used by many. It won’t be coming back to WordPress core.

    You should look at the oEmbeds feature:

    I imagine there are other plugins out there that may be able to leverage this, but the plugin would not be compatible with the WordPress license.


    The buttons are not coming back

    I would look to a plugin such as vipers video quick tags for insertnig self hosted video. Works great for me

    Hi all
    I am having issues with the kitchen sink on my edit post page. I am a senior user and really struggle when things change. šŸ™‚
    I can see the icon but it just wont show me everything when I select it. I have recently upgraded to 3.1.
    Can anyone pelase help?
    Many thanks from QuitIn60

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