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    This does NOT work. I have been uploading since 5 o’clock this morning, it is now 8:54 a.m. … 200 pics 640×480, using the new media inserter to make a WP image gallery, the ONLY kind that works with my plugin.

    It has crashed twice. It destroyed the first page I had set up and SAVED, simply blew it off the map, gone!

    EACH upload attempt is virtually AN HOUR.

    Second attempt crashed and “BOUNCED” off and away from the page where the gallery was being inserted, and bounced onto the site’s MAIN PAGE, though my cursor was NOWHERE NEAR a link to cause this. Result: the images are AGAIN, all sitting in MEDIA… and AGAIN, there is NO GODDAM GALLERY, despite the fact I used the right upload tool to put one IN THE DAMN PAGE. And thanks to the STUPID design of WP, there is no way to simply instal a gallery using existing images.

    I fail to see what’s so great about WordPress, I am really F-ing sick and tired of it.

    And I am NOT, repeat NOT, uploading the shit a THIRD TIME.

    This is IDIOCY! Pure frickin’ idiocy for a system design. It goes from bad to worse, at least the last system worked sometimes.

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    Please take a deep breath.

    We’d be happy to try and help you, but we need a little more information.

    First, and formost, were you ever able to upload images before? If so, when did this start happening?

    If not, and this is a brand new install, what plugin are you using? It’s possible this is a plugin conflict, you mention one in your first paragraph, but without knowing WHICH of the 20k plugins it is, we’re guessing.

    Can you upload ONE image? That should go a lot faster than 200.

    Are any of these images actually uploaded? You can go into the media gallery and see.

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