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  • Hi,
    I installed your plugin, that I find amazing! It is very helpful and exactly what I needed!
    But I have an issue with the image download. When I create a new catalog, I enter the title but then I can not add an image (the image that would appear on the page)… Nothing happens when I try to click on add or remove image.
    What should I do???
    I use the french version, I dont know if this has an impact..
    Thanks very much for your help

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  • Since I updated wordpress I have the same problem! And, yes, I am logged in!!! So please fix this bug fast!!!

    The bug still is not fixed, imgaes still cannot be uploaded.

    After some tests it is clear that sc catalog does not work properly with WP 3.5.1 In order to get back to a working version you have to downgrade to WP 3.4.2 !!! I’m wondering if the SCil people will fix the bug or let their friends struggle alone. It’s a bit frustrating.

    Plugin Author scil


    Hi there,

    Scil is a company and fortunately (or unfortunately ? :-)) we have been very busy for the last weeks and we’ll keep being that much occupated until july

    We’ll try to have a quick look on what is going on with SC-Catalog, but may be it won’t be before a while.

    If anyone sends us the patch, of course we would immediately commit it.

    Sorry for all our trustful users : we made SC-Catalog for our own purpose and didn’t realised there would be so much demands on it !

    I can not find a catalog that actually works without doing any freaking coding. Anybody know of one that actually works!!!???

    Insert images not working for me, I don’t want to give bad rating for this plugin, hope it would be fixed soon

    I have the problem as well. I was able to add 13 images and now I can not add anymore. It is strange. Please help|

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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