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  • When I try to insert image links in edit area,the window we use to wrote link address in firefox too small and can not resize.

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  • I have this exact same problem. Firefox also resizes insert link and edit HTML windows!



    I have the same problem – haven’t figured a fix out yet… 🙁

    I have the same problem. Is there any chance to solve this. It is annoying and I’m going to hell with this bug.

    I had this problem and you can fix this. I fixed the link window, and the image window to make it larger.

    Link Window:
    Locate the editor_template.js file. Inside that locate the the code: “TinyMCE_advanced_getInsertLinkTemplate”. Right after that is a width code that you can change to extend the windows width. This is part one. With part two locate the link.htm . In that file you can extend the form fields.

    Link.htm file locate at:

    editor_template.js file located at :

    Image Window:

    Just like the link window, locate the editor_template.js and locate this code: “TinyMCE_advanced_getInsertImageTemplate”. And right after that is a width code, this is were you can change the width of the window. Now locate the image.htm file, and you can extend the width of the form fields.

    Image.htm file locate at:

    Good luck,


    has this been fixed officially yet or do i have to redo this tweak with every wp upgrade?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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