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  • I’ve chmod the wp-content/upload folder to 777 because 755 wasn’t working either and I did chmod the cache folder in the themes folder to 777 too. (My theme said it was required) I am also on Hostgator if that matters.

    I’ve disabled all plugin’s and retried, changed themes two times & retried and nothing upon nothing allows me to insert an image into my posts. (I only see the actual tag and a small box where the picture “wants” to show up but no picture.)

    My theme requires the image to be uploaded onto my server and every time I go to insert the image from my media library into my post I get a blank screen and this URL path:

    I’ve stripped everything to find out what the problem is and nothing seems to be solving the problem. Everything worked fine until I upgraded to 2.7.

    I’ve read some of the other threads and nothing has worked so far.


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  • If you haven’t already, double check that you uploaded all the files. Delete everything but your wp-config.php file and the wp-content folder and re-upload. It could be a missing javascript file.

    ok I’ll try that.

    I can actually see the photo’s in my media library so I know they are there however I’ll do it and let you know what I get.

    Thank you!

    Oh wait…I think I misunderstood what you just said.

    You’re saying I should reupload wordpress 2.7?

    I used the automatic upgrade wordpress plug in to upgrade to 2.7.

    Yeah, reupload 2.7 core. If you used the core update plugin, it has been known to miss files. The new upgrader (built in to WP) works fine going forward, but the plugin was wonky when you went from 2.6 to 2.7.

    Interesting thanks!

    Ok I apologize but I have to clarify because now that I’m starting I realize i’m not exactly clear on what to do.

    I’m in my wp right now. I’ve never done a manual install (I always used the automatic upgrade plugin)

    I am using Filezilla and looking at all of the files.

    Do I need to do a manual backup of some sorts before deleting anything?

    I have downloaded the most recent 2.7 zip file and unpacked it. In it I actually found a .php file that was called core-update.

    Since it sounds like you’re saying to delete everything, “Delete everything but your wp-config.php file and the wp-content folder and re-upload”

    Should I do some sort of back up before I do?

    sorry for the noob question but the upgrade plugins have crippled me to some effect lol.

    Thank you for any clarification and for all of your help so far.

    Always backup what you have 🙂 Copy it to your hardrive.

    But yes.

    Delete everything but your wp-config.php file and the wp-content folder and re-upload

    The Manual upgrade is easy, since if you keep the wp-content folder and wp-config.php, it should handle everything else on it’s own. Just copying up one or two files won’t do, since you don’t know what you’re missing and you’d end up with a bit of a chimera.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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