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  • you should check the path of image you are inserting in post.

    Thanks for reply.

    when I upload image via Media. so It is completely uploaded. but after it image select & click on insert into post button so it is not insert in post.

    so I think it is not path issue. though can you let me know. How to check image path? any tutorial. & other any describe.


    I cannot load .mp4 files using either the Page/Upload file or Media/Add New method.
    Page/Upload gives me an error saying ‘try again later’.
    Media/Add New shows 100% progress, then CRUNCHING and nothing happens. I looked in the Task Manager and there is 0 usage.

    click on insert into post and in visual tab you can see your image otherwise in text tab you can check the whole path of image.

    otherwise i think you should replace your wordpress with new version.

    Here, I think, you are misunderstanding. I have explain again our issue.

    When click on insert into post after I see in visual tab so not add image. also check text tab but not add any type code for image related in text tab.

    That means, click on insert into post after go to post but nothing expression.

    & also, I was first time fresh install & New latest version using.

    Can you please send me your Email ID? so I will sending you Our admin username/password. so You can proper judge. what is issue?


    didn’t anybody properly test 3.6 before they released it?

    I have never had any problem with any other version of WordPress Prior to installing 3.6 which I made the mistake of doing before I read any documentation.

    I have tried several times. Downgrading to 3.51 or 3.52 with no success.

    Nothing seems to work when I downgrade and so I’m stuck with 3.2 and workarounds.
    When is somebody going to come up with a 3.62 or something like that to fix all these uploading media errors?

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    @harnishdesign Please try it with the twentythirteen theme. Please DO NOT give out your username/password to anyone.

    @elaine Pleasants Please start your own thread per forum rules.

    @fitguru Please see above.

    @kmessinger I was already use Latest version WordPress 3.6 & twentythirteen theme.

    can you please help me for our issue?


    Moderator kmessinger


    Go to dashboard, settings, media, Store uploads in this folder.
    If there is anything there, it should be wp-content/uploads Note: no slash after uploads

    Just checking the server directory, the files are in the upload folder but not being added tot the media library.

    Is there a manual way to update teh library until there is a fix?


    Sorry, I posted that I was having the same problem even after deactivating all plugins and trying a different theme. This started after installing 3.6


    Thank you so much for help. Our issue is solved. It was server side issue.

    What was it? I need to fix it too.


    I have the same problem (as do several other WP people I know) and if it is a server side issue, I’d love to know what I can do to fix it.



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    Everyone – this thread is resolved. If you need help with your site/issue, please start your own thread per:

    Even if you think you have the same issue – it’s unlikely – which is why the forum guidelines say:

    Unless you are using the same version of WordPress on the same physical server hosted by the same hosts with the same plugins, theme & configurations as the original poster, do not post in someone else’s thread. Start your own topic.

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