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  • I am very new to blogging and wordpress…. I’ve been having trouble placing an image in my post so today I purchased WordPress for Dummies and even that didn’t help!!!!!! I seem to upload images from my Mac without problems into the gallery and media library. but whenever I get to the final step- which is the image, title, caption, description, link URL, alignment, size page- and I click insert into post… it generates a completely blank page. just to be clear…. I want my Blog to be VERY simple. All I want to do is place the image within the text of my post. Please help.

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  • I had the same Problem with the “Add Image” Button in the Media Libary Popup – I couldUpload images, add Title, description, etc… but when I tried to insert themn into the post theres only a blank screen …

    the problem was: there where not all files of the WordPress installation uploaded to the Server; some Javascript files where missing.

    I compared the directory on my Server with a clean WP Installation on my local machine (with gould old Total Commander), uploaded the missing files via Web FTP interface of my hosting (everytime i´ll tried to upload them via FileZilla it failed ?) and voils – it works …

    so check out if there are ALL WP files on your server, maybe that could be the problem …

    @brandtmarke Thanks for the tip. I re-uploaded every file and uploaded the JS folder twice. No change. I still get the White Screen of Death every time I try to insert an image.

    So the new dashboard has the quick post thing and when I click *that* and insert into the post, it’ll work. But I can’t click from within the page or post screen. Because then there’s no cute pop up, only a new page and then when I try that, I get the blank screen.

    I may cry. I’m not sure.

    Has anyone filled out a support ticket on the White Screen of Death? Do the WP Gurus even know about it?

    Here is a fix that has worked for several people

    The single tab fix did not work for me but it may help you.

    I have opened a ticket on this issue. If you can help us trouble shoot this bug check it out

    Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    @neovita can you try this: download new WordPress zip, unzip it with 7zip or similar (if on Windows), then delete wp-admin and wp-includes and upload fresh copies preferably with different FTP program.

    It is unlikely but still possible that something went wrong while upgrading, like some files were corrupted while unzipping, etc.

    Hi. I think I have tracked this problem down to the comment luv pluggin. Certainly was for us. Deactivate and problem is resolved. I have created a movie on my blog so the developers can see the issue.

    Look under the geek section of my blog


    Sorry, I sent that comment from my iPhone.

    Here is the link

    I should also say, I love the “Comment Luv” pluggin so this is not meant to be a “slap”, just a “heads up”. They do a great job.

    It’s also possible something is interfering with their code, but deactivating did resolve the issue for me, so I thought I would share with you.


    Thanks Steven.

    I tied wordpress with no plugins activated and still got the White Screen of Death.


    This seems to be the problem with a thousand causes.



    I’m having same problem. No plugins installed. Do get white screen and nothing happends. White screen of death.


    well, I had the same problem. The problem was that in:

    Settings > General > WordPress address i had:

    Then I changed the address typing: (without capital letters)

    and then it works fine

    I hope help you.


    Doesn’t anyone from WordPress monitor this?

    As has been stated numerous times … NO – this forum is NOT monitored by the WP development team. This is a USER SUPPORTED forum by volunteers who have gained familiarity with various aspects of WP, CSS, HTML, PHP what have you.


    I see in the support ticket you opened they asked for the JS errors you’re getting.

    Since I can’t post to that ticket (or can’t figure out how), here’s mine:

    uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIDOMNSHTMLTextAreaElement.selectionStart]" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: :: edInsertContent :: line 349" data: no]

    I found out where my problem was: the Editor Monkey plugin. Once I disabled that and switched back to WP’s visual editor (which took waaaay too long to figure out for various reasons), everything’s been peachy.

    I’m also having the problem with “Insert into Post” … desperately searching for a solution for a site I’m building for a client.

    I’ve disabled/removed all plugins, and basically tried every fix I’ve found…

    Still not working. I’m getting the White Screen after clicking “Insert into Post”. The image does upload to the server, but it doesn’t get inserted into post. I just get stuck on the blank, white page.

    I really need to get this fixed asap.

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