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    I would like to propose that, for new versions of WordPress, the default behaviour of the “insert image” popup is to associate no link to the inserted image.

    I am working as wordpress consultant and spend most of the time teaching to customers that they have to clean out the LinkURL field. They need to do so on 99% of the cases, and often they forget to, with pages that behave badly.

    They simply cannot figure out why an image should be clickable, and naturally they forget about the URL being filled by default. The typical question is: “why this system assumes the image is to be clicked?”. The question is correct, the command is named “insert image” not “insert button”

    I feel that this “link functionality” is useful just when you are inserting, say, a map and you wold like that when clicking the map’s thumbnail the big version of the map is diplayed.

    I think that this “map case” is really a typical case where the current default behaviour comes into use, but in the 99% of the cases people are inserting images just for decorative purposes (“insert image” is one thing, “insert clickable image” is another thing).

    I really felt like to give the developers this feedback as I think it would greatly improve the system to avoid common mistakes.

    All my appreciation for the good work, I recommend WP to 100% of the customers.

    Best regards,

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  • I totally agree with you, is there a plugin to accomplish this?

    Best regards

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    but in the 99% of the cases people are inserting images just for decorative purposes

    Of YOUR cases, certainly. Not of all, though 🙂

    WordPress has done surveys in the past, and people still want the image to link by default.

    Now that said. You can change it. You can add this to your functions.php for your clients:

    File links to file, none to none, etc etc. Keep in mind, should they, at any time, change the selection, WordPress will REMEMBER what they used last and go to that.

    Ipstenu: Thank you very much for the explanation.

    Thank you very much, this confirms WordPress is a software with great flexibility.

    I’ll try this technique and report back.


    Does it just modify the default or does it force all images to follow this behavior?

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    It changes the default behavior to ‘file’ (or none or whatever). You can change the default, and WordPress will remember what you change it to, but default is saved.

    Hey buddies, just a tip- That option only needs to be set once. If you put update_option('image_default_link_type','none'); in your functions.php file, you’ll be making an unnecessary database request on every page load. Just change the option manually in your database!

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    True, but that way, if someone changes it, it gets magically flipped back 😉

    You COULD change it so it only gets called when you access the admin dashboards.

    If You host your own WP blog, and want your images link to be cleared out by default; follow these steps.

    Log in to your blog. Then add this to the end of your URL. /wp-admin/options.php


    The root admin options will be displayed. Be very careful editing values, I am not responsible if you mess something up.

    Scroll down to “image_default_link_type”

    Change the value from “file” to a blank. Just clear it all out…

    Scroll to the bottom and click save. Thats it. Now every time you upload an image, the link will not be preset, and clear.

    Have a good day, 🙂

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