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  • Hello!

    Here’s the request:
    Each author needs access to a resource list, like links, with 1 or more categories. This resource list needs to be able to be updated in one location, like the admin menu. Using widgets, the blog author will call those “globally accessible” links either in whole by category or by picking and choosing while writing a page.

    Here’s the context:
    Librarians create course guides. Each course guide has a list of resources grouped by subject. Sometimes a couple librarians will use parts or all of the different resources. They cherry pick their resources depending on the class’ needs.

    Here’s the rub:
    You can’t do this with WP. You can only access your links via widgets. I could create a template file, but that template file could not be customizable by the librarians on the fly. They need to be able to cherry pick links.

    I’ve looked high and low for a hack or plugin but can’t find anything.

    Any suggestions?

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