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  • Insert from Word could be better if it managed Word comments better: WordPress keeps the Word comment field, which appears in the body of the message but drops the comment. What would be nice is if WordPress offered the option to convert the comments to WordPress comments, and generated links to them in the body of the post or page — or else dropped the comment fields. This can be cone manually, so it seems to me that automating it wouldn’t be difficult.

    I’m using Word 2010 in Windows, in case that makes a difference.

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  • As to it being difficult, I would strongly disagree. Along with the stuff you can see, Word documents contain loads and loads of invisible code that can totally bring a site down if you paste it. Not just bold, colors, tables, that kind of obvious stuff.

    Tiny Editor people have provided something that strips out the code that it can anticipate. It actually does a pretty decent job. But they have a moving target, as Word changes all the time. To keep that up-to-date, you’d practically have a full-time job. The challenge becomes to know what is actual content, and what is silly Word code that is useless to any other application. If you are relying on pasting complex content from Word, you will always be disappointed.

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