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  • I Use

    function save_to_the_database($cf7) {
    		global $wpdb;
    		//declare your varialbes, for example:
    		$id = $cf7->posted_data["id"];
    		$first_name = $cf7->posted_data["first-name"];
    		$email_txt = $cf7->posted_data["email-id"];
    		//echo $ticket_id;
    		$result = $wpdb->get_results( "INSERT INTO databasename (<code>id</code>, <code>firstname</code>, <code>emailid</code>) VALUES ('$id','$first_name','$email_txt')");

    Its work fine.

    Now I have Three Contact Form, contact-form-7 id="411" contact-form-7 id="412" and contact-form-7 id="413"

    How can I trigger
    If id of form = 411, Insert into DB -> Table1
    If id of form = 412, Insert into DB -> Table2
    If id of form = 413, Insert into DB -> Table3

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