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  • Here is what I am trying to do, maybe some of you php/html experts can help me. I haven’t been that successful with it so far.

    I want to use WP as a blog, but on the front page of my website, I want to use the feed as the “news” section on my front page, complete with all the links. The website is made up of CSS/HTML, There is one div in the middle section where I want it to go. It will be surrounded by my other links, and header around it.

    I hope someone can help me. Thanks.

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  • You’ll have to meld the css for your site into the styles.css for wp. Y’know…. let me go grab a backup of my site when it was setup like that. I’ll put it in a temp folder somewhere and post back with a link. It would help us both if the “working prototype” was available I think.

    I’ve brought feeds into web pages numerous times using the method below:

    1. Download and set up CARP from

    2. Then, to allow regular .html or .shtml pages to run php just pop this into your .htaccess file and save it to your root directory on your hosting account.

    RemoveHandler .html .htm .shtml
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .htm .html .shtml

    You’ll have to go through the CARP docs to find the right code to display your feed the way you want, but it’s very flexible and can easily be styled with CSS.


    vkaryl: were you able to find anything? Thanks. I just need some sort of example to follow, as I work best when I’m following examples. Thanks.

    GMeagle86: yes, I just now dug around and found it! You can see it here. If you’d like to give me a contact email, I’ll send you the actual index.php since the code doesn’t show in a view source.

    One odd tweak was that in order for the feed to find stuff, I had to put “www” in, which isn’t how I usually addy things….

    Is it possible to do this from various sources, and organize by date? And to make uniform their style?

    vkaryl: Thanks, you can send it to me an e-mail at eagle86 (@) sbcglobal (.) net .

    ‘kay, will do…. had to go digging for this thread again…. I can’t believe how fast they fly off the front page!



    $feedUrl = “”;
    $feedOut = getSomeFeed($feedUrl, 5, true, “feed-cache_yourfeedname”, ”, 36, false);
    if ($feedOut)
    echo $feedOut;

    What do I put in for yourfeedname?

    Is it wp-rss.php?

    The whole URL:

    Last, what does this do?

    I did a search on Google for put your feed into your website and I found this link.

    Will the code above put my blog feed at the end of my webpage?



    “yourfeedname” is anything to differentiate your feed for this feedread from other feeds you have.

    All I used was the subdirectory name – it worked fine. If you have only one feedread, just use “feed_cache_feedread” – the “feedread” cache folder should already be there.

    The code puts the feed where it is. So on the site I used to have it on, I had 3 columns, and the feed (using the code above) was in the right column.



    Just found this thread, wanted to clear up the last question…

    “feed-cache_yourfeedname” can be ANYTHING… pretty much. It is the FILE NAME used to store the results of grabbing the feed on your web server. It is mostly used so that if you have multiple feeds, the cache file names will be unique. Also nice that you can then identify WHAT the files are! 😉

    So, you could call it “xyzzy”, or “mydomain”, or “myfeed”, or anything else you want. It’s a field for your use, just don’t leave it blank!!


    Hi David,

    Is there a way to randomize the feed display or organize them by time? Right now it displays feeds in the order that they are listed in the $feeds array.

    Pauls, i have carp working but all it shows is my blog name and description. I cannot find the way to make it show the entries. Any help? Thanks.

    lol nevermind. wish i waitied 2 seconds to try what fixed it. thanks!

    I’m using Yahoo! sitebuilder for my web site. I want to add the rss feed to it like what’s being explained, but I’m having a little trouble. I think the problem might be that it won’t let me rename the extension as .php or .shtml but I’m not real sure. Word Press is offered by yahoo as a blog anyway.

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