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  • Here is what I am trying to do, maybe some of you php/html experts can help me. I haven’t been that successful with it so far.

    I want to use WP as a blog, but on the front page of my website, I want to use the feed as the “news” section on my front page, complete with all the links. The website is made up of CSS/HTML, There is one div in the middle section where I want it to go. It will be surrounded by my other links, and header around it.

    I hope someone can help me. Thanks.

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  • Try CG-Feedread from David Chait. [Listed partway down the top section of the page as
    CG-PowerPack PHP & WordPress Scripts/Plugins….]

    Found it, I will try it and report back. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I’ve used it and it works great. I actually haven’t it set up right now, and what’s there is the new version. Please let me know, because I’ll be headed back that direction soon…. Thanks!

    I might, (most likely am) doing something wrong. I downloaded the program, followed the correct instructions to uploading it in the plugin’s folder, went into WP and activated it. Then I added this code to my .shtml document:

    $feedUrl = “”;
    $feedOut = getSomeFeed($feedUrl, 4, false, “feed-cnetttech”, ”, 36, false);
    if ($feedOut)
    echo $feedOut;

    I just left his default feed to see if it worked….and it did not. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong. I inserted it in a div in my webpage’s codeing.

    Any suggestions?

    Sorry to be slow – took me a while to find it, just installed a new hdd and moved stuff around the goddess’s green acres….

    Put this where you want the feed to show:

    $feedUrl = "";
    $feedOut = getSomeFeed($feedUrl, 5, true, "feed-cache_yourfeedname", '', 36, false);
    if ($feedOut)
    echo $feedOut;

    You have to put this line in the “head” section of your page:

    <?php require(‘yourblogname/wp-blog-header.php’); ?>

    And mind you, that’s for the “old” version…. but I did have it running under 1.5. It all depends on getting the variables set right.

    (I think, if you have more problems, that you could post on ChaitGear and David would probably help, or post here and he’ll be along probably tomorrow….)

    If your web server isn’t setup to parse .shtml for PHP code (I don’t imagine that’s a normal setting), you might try renaming your page from whatever.shtml to whatever.php (you could probably use symlinks or a META REFRESH if you have people who will have whatever.shtml bookmarked).

    If CG-Feedread isn’t fullt updated yet, you might try aggrss:

    I’m using it on my 1.5 site and it’s working great.

    Feedread has no dependency upon wordpress, so version changes don’t make a difference. In fact, you can direct-include it yourself if you want, and skip pulling in all of wordpress. something like


    assuming your base page is where the WP root is — otherwise, adjust the path accordingly.

    I agree with InfoCynic — you need to have PHP parsing enabled, or do your homepage as php.


    Thanks! I did have to rename my page to php, and do a few other tweaks, but it is now working.

    I was wondering if there is a way to edit the “style” or the “theme” of the feed? to get it to match up with my site’s colors/style? Thanks!

    I found this thread searching for “feed” and would like to interject a question if I may.

    I’d like to set up in my sidebar a list of feeds that would be of interest to my readers. I’d like them to be able to click on a link for a feed, and then have that feed display into my main content area where my WP posts normally go.

    Can one of the mentioned products here to that for me? as being a newbie to WP and not much of a programmer, I’d like it to be as easy as possible.

    Also, is there any ethical problems with this? I’d think not since the syndicator has already chosen to offer the feed to the world and can just do excerpts if he chooses.

    Hi there GMeagle86.
    I think I’ve done something like that in
    Take a look. Only the blog part is from WP and it is running inside a ilayer.
    If I’m happy with it? No. I need to get a way of having access to search form, categories and archives and I dont know how to do it…
    But, the updated posts are working.

    ethical issues aside, it would take a bit of coding (and a new theme file for ‘showing feed entries’), but it is certainly doable in theory. Note, that’s WITHOUT being a reblogger, NOT pushing the feed ‘posts’ actually into wordpress/your blog… (which is ‘good’).

    Yes, all of the output from Feedread is tagged with CSS class identifiers for customizing the look and feel. I usually start by recommending you just bring up the source from viewing one of the pages on your site, and find the Feedread output, and look at the div blocking and class names tagged onto the various pieces.

    You can also then see if something is ‘off’ with the encapsulating blocks, such that your default sidebar ul/li styles aren’t at least applying.

    Yep, there’s still work to be done there. 😉


    Thanks, I will try to update the CSS and get that looking right.

    Browserd: That is very simliar to what I am trying to do, except I’m not going to have it in a scroll box. And with the version of Feedread I am using, it seems to give me links to go to the blog.

    When I used this before, I had it displaying in one column (the rightcol div) on my main page, and was stylistically the same as the rest of the page styling. I don’t remember that it was complicated to do, but then I’m pretty comfortable with css and tweaks….

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    What file do I update the css in? I’m having problems locating that.

    Also, is there a possiblity of getting the Date/time the post was posted on, on my front page?


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