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    Hi, just having a look at 3.5 and I can’t find the “Use as featured image” option in the insert media section.
    Is it gone from 3.5?

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  • It’s still there, but you have to get to it using the Featured Image meta box in the post editor.

    If you don’t see the Featured Image meta box, usually on the left side, click the Screen Options tab at the top of the page and make sure the Featured Image option is checked.

    The way I believe you are saying is to use the post screen box. That’s another action to take after having already uploaded the image.

    3.4 allows you to do all these actions from the one box on insert media

    I’m not sure why you’re calling it another action – you can upload your featured image directly from within the meta box, no need to do it in two separate steps.

    If the theme has support for post-thumbnails, there is a meta box added to the edit page/post/cpt page. The meta box usually shows up on the right sidebar, and is titled ‘Featured Image’. The meta box will contain a button, ‘Choose a Featured Image’. When you click the ‘Choose a Featured Image’ button, a modal window will display the media manager. In the modal window you can upload your image or select one that is already uploaded.

    If you don’t see the ‘Featured Image’ meta box, make sure it is selected to display in the ‘Screen Options’ tab. The ‘Screen Options’ tab is located under your name on the right side of the admin bar.

    Personnally, I think it’s very confusing to have two buttons, located at the two opposite corners of the Post Editor (top left, bottom right), that lead to the same modal window, but with action buttons that arent exactly the same.

    @amy, imagine this scenario.

    User wants to upload four images to insert them into the post as a gallery, and mark one of them as Featured Image to be used by the theme.

    The whole operation would be one process with WP 3.4 (Upload – Check one as Featured Image – Insert Gallery). In WP 3.5, it’s now two different operations, that force the user to navigate from top left to bottom right. Doesn’t seem intuitive to me.

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    We’re considering the split here:

    I agree. If I “Add Media” first I can upload an image and update its Title/Alt Text, Alignment and Link. Then to make that image featured I have to also click “Set Featured Image” – 2 steps.

    If I “Set Featured Image” first, then I upload an image, I can set title/alt text, but nothing else. I then have to re-enter and update the image to change its Alignment and Link. Again 2 steps.

    Older versions of WP let me do the above in one step. By step I mean that I left the post edit page only once.

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