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    I’m planning to create a video site and I’m currently testing your plugin. I was just wondering if there’s a way to add a banner or popup code to the video so when other site uses my embed codes, my ads will be included. Hope you understand what I’m talking about and sorry for my english.

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  • Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    There’s nothing in my plugin that specifically supports advertising, but if you’ve found a way for your videos to have ads on your site, then they will also have ads on any site that uses your embed codes.

    Can I chime in here, with a sort of followup question.
    Will it be possible to use Video.js plugins for things like Vast Ads, Google IMA 3 ads, etc., along with this plugin?

    There are a bunch of good video.js plugins:

    I’m a newbie, but planning to see what can be done on this, by diving in.

    There is also a Video.JS Youtube script on github:

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    Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    You can certainly use those Video.js plugins, but you’re not going to get much help from my plugin in setting any of them up because I haven’t written anything specifically for them. I hope to someday have a paid advertising upgrade, but for now you’d have to upload them to your site, enqueue the necessary JS files in your footer and CSS files in your header, then they need to be configured. The plugins should have instructions for configuration.

    thanks for your response Kyle.
    I dove in with this plugin then, for now:

    Not to belittle your plugin and its excellent feature set!
    Trying to do a million things at once, this one was, really wanted the youtube capabilities up front, and not even sure, I dare to use video.js player without violating some youtube terms of service or something, esp. when if laying other ads over top.
    Youtube integrated with our adsense channel, never paid us a penny for some reason, even though we sure showed a ton of ads for them.

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