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  • I hope someone can help me….

    How do I add a PDF file form from one of my pages. I want to be able to click on where it says Personal Data Inventory….and when I click on it….a PDF file comes up for the client to fill out? I have this form saved on my laptop.

    Counseling Procedures

    thanks for any help….


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  • You need to create a form, not a PDF file. PDF’s are handled in the browser and typically require a download. Most business systems would block such. Most web browser users would not want a pdf.

    How complex is the form?

    its a very very simple form….mainly name…addresss….etc…

    i guess i need to ask…sorry….how do i create a form…and make it so it appears when you click on where is says Personal Data Inventory. Thanks

    Use this very well used and one of the most popular plugins:

    Contact Form 7

    That is not going to work….I really need to be able to click on the highlighted words Personal Data Inventory and up pops a form that the client can print out and fill out and mail in or take it to my client.


    As mentioned before create a form with Contact form 7 then you can embed the form in a page. Then link the words “Personal Data Inventory” to the page where the form is embedded.

    This can be done with a custom PHP app that can also be included in a WP install: See the work here. It is NOT a part of WP and requires a site developer.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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