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  • Hello everyone!

    I’ve added WP to my personal site. Customized the Classic theme a little bit in order to create a minimalistic look throughout the website (i.e. let the pictures/content do the talking).

    There’s still some tweaking to be done.

    Thanks for looking let me know what you think if you’d like.

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    I get an “You are totally in the wrong place. Do not pass GO; do not collect $200.” when I click the link, which sucks, I hate it when I don’t get my $200…

    But.., on the template, I would make the banner a bit slimmer (in height). And the title also, maybe incorporate it in the banner. Reason for this: get your featured picture above the fold. I have to scroll down to see it.., my guess is, you don’t want that.

    Other then that.., great looking site, simple and focussed, like the photos.

    Good luck with it…

    lago, I’m not sure what link you were clicking on.. maybe the Gallery link?.. well i’ve since fixed that…

    yeah i’ve been thinking about the title, i like the image size but i guess i could slim it down some.

    also you said “get your featured picture above the fold”. what do you mean by this?

    oh yeah and unlike my first post said, i switched themes in case anyone is wondering.

    Sadly, following your link leads to a 404 page error.

    those are some INCREDIBLY vivid pictures. WOW, very nice images. Are you using the new version 2.5 and the gallery feature?

    Oops, thanks for reminding me cnymike. I moved my blog to the root! So the URL is

    Why thank you very much TVDinner! I am using WP 2.5 but not the gallery feature. I am using Gallery 2 (

    In all my years of browsing this forum, yours is the first site I have ever bookmarked. Interesting!

    I love macro photography! I take photos of the insects in my garden 😀

    Why thanks, Nalco!

    That’s great Soulgirl!

    Does the right sidebar appear OK and aligned properly in everyone’s browsers?

    Also, how do I get that square date graphic to go next to my entry titles that a lot of people are using? I’m thinking about using that.

    Excellent site. Well presented. Even better – the Photo’s!

    I’d love to have the equipment to take photos like that.

    Just a quick comment, on your species list, I was expecting to be able to click on the individual insects, and be taken to the photos. Maybe you haven’t got round to doing that yet?


    Nice site Paul

    Love the ibugs, nice light colour to the site and good colourfull images.

    Have you shared the theme at all, is there a copy for downloading, wouldn’t mine it, if possible please

    TT – thanks! and yes, I am working on linking the species list to the photos in the gallery.

    tommytomato – thanks! the theme is a mish mash of Nature’s Highlight 1.0 by refueled ( and Neoclassical theme by Chris pearson ( ) So i don’t really think I could call it my own and release it.

    All I did was move the nature’s highlight sidebar to the right, use the font styling of neoclassical, and i think that’s really about it, just removed all background coloring to keep with a clean white theme.

    I love it!! I’ve been clicking in this forum for a while now and yours is the first one that is really pretty and interesting/something I want to bookmark.

    I love that spider in the header! Though seriously some people might freak out… aracraphobics (sp) I mean!

    Hey Paul… man you get a lot of replies… good for you…

    Above the fold:

    Take a newspaper.., when you first see it it is folded in half and the “above the fold” shows the most important news, the headline if you will.

    When flipping the newspaper over, or unfold it, you get the rest of the front page news… get it?

    Good luck…

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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