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  • You know, this is such a well-built plugin and I’m able to do much more with my site with IG PageBuilder loaded than I can without it, as I don’t know HTML or CSS as well as I need to do design it.

    That said, I’m having all kinds of problems and now had to upgrade my hosting plan due to maxing out CPU usage in a week.

    To delete this plugin means I have to do many pages over and it’s a shame. But alas, look at this chart! SEO and Jetpack (which I have for one specific reason) is hoggish enough but this plugin beats those silly.

    It’s unfortunate. I’d really like to know if ever you make it so that IG Pagebuilder is much more efficient about resource usage.

    It’s an otherwise beautifully built tool.

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  • Dear sffood,

    We have some report about loading speed and we’re optimising our product, thank you for your information and we hope you will keep using and update our new product.

    InnoGears Support Team.

    I’d be thrilled to be able to use the plugin again in the future when this usage issue is fixed. 🙂 I’m still looking for a great page builder that can do what you guys managed, design-wise!


    I’m with Grace 100% here. I have tried all the free page builders and some premiums ones, and this is is up there with the best of them – except… the fact that it adds 2-3 seconds to my page load times (but it seems longer than that). I have only tested on my localserver, and the load time is the only reason why I can’t use this plugin even with a cache plugin installed (Quick Cache).

    For the record I have bought the Themify page builder, which is trash compared to this. The only page builder that is better, is the page builder found in the theme Divi, by Elegant Themes. The page load times there are fantastic. Unfortunately Divi’s page builder is not a plugin, and it’s tied to the theme, so I can’t use it with my themes that I develop.

    And for further disclosure, the main reason why I love this plugin is because it has the ability to make the rows screen width (not boxed), something that Divi can also do, but none of the others can, including Themify.

    Please, get the page load time down, and I’ll be the first one to buy a developer’s license.

    I’m with you there. I’d pay to use this.
    My site is a mere fraction of what it could be if I could use this plugin.

    I hope it gets fixed and optimized! 🙂

    I tried this plugin. The user experience is nice. But it lacks the performance.

    I tried to find out the reason for performance issue by profiling the PHP using xDebug.

    Found out that function register_element() (file : ig-pagebuilder\core\core.php) accessed while initializing the ig page bulider is eating up the CPU resources. It consumes 98% resources (For my case, Processing time was 2919ms i.e. 98% of overall CPU time.)
    Some areas to look for –
    1. Parent constructs for Accordion, Buttonbar, table etc. seems to be eating up more resources.
    2. function register_sub_el is using recusrsion is taking some processing load.

    Hope optimizing that will help out to resolve performance issue.

    Deeper view –
    Another area to look for
    IG_Loader:load is being accessed several times (78). It is consuming (2700ms)[I strongly suspect this may be a real issue…]

    Hi androidanit,

    Many thanks for your suggestion and we appreciate that. I passed your idea to development team to see if we can improve the performance in next version. Currently, the only downside is performance issue so if you still have any advice / suggestion, please feel free to let us know.

    Best regards,


    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for reply. I suggest PHP code performance analysis using XDEBUG profiling (Please refer – would help a lot to fix all weak sections of coding.


    Plugin Author InnoGears


    Thanks androidanit,

    We appreciate your contributions a lot, we also reply your thread here:

    Keep on going, our nice customers 😉

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