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  • molyblue


    Hello, I am a newbie to web standards/WordPress/CSS/XHTML. I believe I have been able to pick these up quickly through trial and error and WP support forum searches. Thus far, I’ve been able to modify Alex King’s dots.css a little and so far, so good, but there is much more to be done.
    I was able to make progress on changing border colors of input forms/buttons through another WP thread, but I am unable to find more info.
    In the case of my search interface, when the input form has been used and the user has the browser setup to remember input, a pulldown/dropbox (for WinXP/Firefox or IE6) appears as duplicate keywords are entered. Also, in IE6 as input is entered the submit button (in this case labeled ‘search’) is bordered in black. Is there anyway to control the style of the pulldown/dropbox an/or IE6 button? Oh, and are WordPress forms utilizing Java in any manner?
    Maybe none of my queries are WordPress concerns but are they CSS and/or XHTML or something else? And what are good support sources for non-WP stuff like this forum? And how the heck does one use the XHTML Black Book?! I see button info but I don’t know how to… And how/what…
    :runs out of patience and succumbs to mildly amusing exasperation:
    Well, you get the idea, I hope. Thanks for any help! 🙂

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven
    At the bottom of that page is some info you may fine useful re styling input areas.
    As for browser’s remembering info … isn’t that down to browser behaviour ?
    I don’t know about that Book, but I do know that using CSS will give you a lot of good styling control.



    Wow, that was a quick response! Thanks.
    After some more thought, perhaps, I can use the graphic image button workaround and try to control the style as best I can of whatever element is created by alt="Submit" (for those with text readers or those who choose to browse with no graphics, right?).
    Getting my control freak on 🙂

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