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  • iNove produces ‘mixed content’ warnings from IE 6, IE 7, and IE 8 when accessing my WP site via https. I have narrowed it down to the JavaScript code that handles the drop-down page menus in the iNove theme. (That took some doing, but I have proven it by temporarily deleting only that portion of the code from the .js file and leaving everything else in place.) Before I tear into this further, which I’d rather not do, I thought I’d check here to see if anyone else has encountered this and found a solution?

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  • I’ve found the problem, and it is a very strange one. For MSIE only, on line 219 of menu.js in the inove js folder, a script is injected:

    document.write(‘<script id=”__ie_onload_for_inove” defer src=”javascript:void(0)”></script>’);

    If we replace the void call with some impossible nonsense, the problem goes away and the code remains functional … as far as I can tell. In other words:

    document.write(‘<script id=”__ie_onload_for_inove” defer src=”whirledpeas#”></script>’);

    I have NO IDEA why IE would choke on the void call and insist that it is ‘insecure’ content, but that’s what it seems to be doing. I think. I admit that I do not understand this. The fix works in IE 6 and IE 8 (have not tested 7 yet, no reason to believe it would not work).

    Perhaps someone can clarify why this is happening, and what a more elegant solution would be?

    Another note: at least slightly cleaner than spewing whirled peas, I thought perhaps we could use “javascript:false” but that doesn’t work either.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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