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  • I am experiencing a strange innodb mysql crash right after using WB. It renders the site unusable and redirects to the WP install page. I end up having to have the host restore that innodb from backup.

    Because it’s a server level problem, I am not sure about troubleshooting.

    Does WB even use innodb or could it cause that db to crash?


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  • Plugin Author Steve


    Wordbooker uses the default storage for the Database. The only time it explicitly sets the storage is for one of it’s tables where it needs a fulltext index so forces a MyISAM storage type.

    ” I end up having to have the host restore that innodb from backup. “

    What innodb? The whole database? you often get an error message in the php error logs reporting which table(s) are corrupt.

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    Thank you for the reply. Perhaps it was just a cooincedence I was using WP when it happened. If you could point me to the forum that may help with troubleshooting, I’d appreciate it. I am a newbie when it comes to MySQL , MiISAM and Innodb. Not sure how I ended up crashing the whole server. This is a standard WP install with several plugins including WB. Nothing really complex. domain

    This is what the hosting site said after they had to restore the March 17 backup:

    For normal websites it is always advised to use myisam. The reason is because myisam is stable. Innodb tables are bound to corruption.

    Your website is using innodb tables and it crashed. I tried to repair it but the attempt failed, since tables were corrupted. With Innodb even if one table is corrupt the whole mysql service will be down in the server. This is what happened here, and other customers were also getting affected. I was forced to only run mysql in the server without innodb engine.

    Now, to prevent this in future, we suggest you to use myisam tables. You have to contact your website developer for this. He can help you in the conversion.

    Plugin Author Steve


    If the response of your hosting company is “The reason is because myisam is stable. Innodb tables are bound to corruption” then I’d suggest getting a new hosting company.

    If “other customers” were affected then that implies that the whole DB server (of which you only have 1 DB) is running innoDB rather than each DB being in its own server.

    InnoDB tables are not bound to corruption – I personally know MySQL systems running business critical systems with primary tables with over 800,000,000 rows in them – all running on InnoDB and with >1 year uptimes, and trust me Oracle (who own MySQL) wouldn’t be happy if InnoDB was that unstable.

    WordPress doesn’t specify which storage engine to use – it simply uses the default which implies that the DB was set up to default to use innoDB and not MyISAM.

    Having said that InnoDB isn’t needed for most Wordpess Blogs as row level locking isn’t really something you need a lot of in a regular blog.

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    Thanks Steve. Normally I’m just concerned with running a website and not dealing with it suddenly crashing permanently. Then having to quickly learn the problem is a corrupt table and not having any idea why that happened in the first place or anyway to fix it.

    It’s just frustrating.

    Plugin Author Steve


    You can move WordPress onto MyISAM – its a pain but it can be done, but as I said it suggests that the DB got set up as InnoDB

    You can probably get help over in:

    How-To and Troubleshooting

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    Hey Steve,

    Thanks, BTW your plugin Wordbooker is excellent. I’ve only used it a short time, but I can see how much effort went into it and it shows. Works great.

    After ramping my understanding up from 0 to 1000 on MySQL, I simply never needed to know the mechanics of it. It worked. I see in my backups of the database that most plugins, like yours was using MyIsam and WordPress tables like users and posts was using Innodb.

    So far I have not found anyone to really assist me. How-To seems to be getting 50-100 posts an hour and rarely gets any replies.

    I think I have all the tables switched over the MyIsam using myPHPadmin tool, but I don’t have a shell account so it’s impossible to go further. I lost all content from March 17 onward.


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