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    WordPress has a built in feature that assigns the class “current-menu-item” to the current navigation item.

    Nevertheless, that feature only works for contextual menus; and not for the ones inside the post content.

    You can see in [ redundant link removed ] that the first level parent item OBRAS is highlighted, but not the third level child GRÁFIKA located left in the inner page menu.

    Looking for a method to accomplish this highlight feature in the inner menu.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • That is a question for the theme developers. How the content is displayed is controlled by the theme

    @jaycbrf the question is not theme related.

    Im a using menu shortcode plugin.

    Therefore, I am trying to find a WordPress solution.




    PS: I also asked the plugin developer for support.

    Looking for help with a specific theme or plugin? Head to the theme or plugin’s page and find the “View support forum” link to visit the theme or plugin’s individual forum.

    I already contacted the theme and plugin support; no answer.

    Nevertheless, as I already said, this is not a theme or plugin issue as:

    – The menu is created by WordPress.
    – The plugin; all it does is generate a shortcut to insert the menu inside the post.

    While WordPress assigns the current-menu-item class to the Header and Footer menus, it lacks the ability to assign this class to the inner post menu.

    Therefore, I believe WordPress could be fixed or improved in this ability.

    So sad to lack not only for any support, but not any understanding.


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    I asked this question based on 2 facts:

    – The menu is created by WordPress.

    – The plugin; all it does is generate a shortcut to insert the menu inside the post.

    So the question is not Theme related, and not plugin related. It´s WordPress related.

    Nevertheless, I asked the Theme developer and the Plugin developer, without response.

    In addition, no answer from WordPress.Org Forum. All they say is “ask the theme or plugin developer”.

    Therefore, once I found a solution, not the ideal one but at least one that will allow the highlight effect without any core modification, I felt I had to post it here:

    I used WordPress Add Custom CSS plugin to add css per each page.

    Then I added the individual code for each menu:

    li#menu-item-981 a {	
      color: #FEBF46 !important;
    	font-weight: bold !important;
    	text-shadow: 1px 0 #FEBF46;

    And that was it; not an ideal automatic solution, but a simple and clean one.

    Thanks for your attention.

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    Finally, I only added the code to first inner menu item and it worked.

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