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  • daveseah


    I’ve been playing with WordPress and really enjoy using Markdown. I haven’t been able to find an image system that shares its philosophy of writing, so I took a stab at implementing something like it. And I hate processing and uploading multiple thumbnails for images, so I adapted some code from PictPress to automatically generate them on the fly. The Markdown addition I made allows you to specify image alignment and width, and it uses some additional CSS tags to do the formatting.
    I’ve put up a post about what I’ve done so far at, in case anyone is interested. I haven’t tested it extensively, and I’m pretty new to this whole blog/open source thing, so any comments are appreciated!



    Thanks, this looks interesting. I use Markdown as well and wanted to look up how it handles images natively… right now, daringfireball seems to be down, though.



    I’ve uploaded a zip file of the current hack at for those who are interested. Thanks!



    Uploaded dev version 0.2 at the same location. It is still a hack of the PHP-Markdown 1.0 plugin.
    * New thumbnail syntax is more like Markdown, and uses reference ids
    * No need to include styles in wp-layout.css anymore
    * Built-in Image Popup code
    * Default left-aligned, 120 pixel wide thumbnail if you don’t specify third ( … ) field.
    Example syntax:
    !@[images/hello.jpg](popimg: “Hello There”)(R240)
    will create a right-aligned, 240 pixel wide image inline with the current paragraph from the JPEG file located in your wp_content directory (or whever your upload folder starts at). Clicking on the image will pop it up in a new window. You can replace popimg: with a URL of your choice.

    I’ve separated the functionality into a stand-alone plugin called Lazy Image Layout. Click the link to see examples.
    It still requires that you have Markdown activated, otherwise the image formatting won’t quite look right. I also haven’t tested this with the out-of-the-box CSS formatting of a vanilla WordPress install…mine has deviated quite a bit.
    More things to look at later.

    I tried it with the default wp-layout.css file, and it generally works except that my own blog uses a fixed-width design, so layout that depends on that tends to look funny. Otherwise, just using left and right align seems to work pretty well.

    Is there any way to use the Lazy Image Layout properly without activating the Markdown? I guess I am too lazy (LOL) to learn it, I’d rather use html.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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