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    Hi there,
    Thanks for a great plugin 🙂
    I am using the plugin in a web application, where a sales force are sending in images from mobile phones to a gmail account which is monitored by Postie. So all mms’es and emails sent to the mail address are inserted as posts into the web application.

    There is a problem, however, as a lot of the messages received contain images that are not parsed by Postie. I can see the images in the gmail account, but when they reach the web app, they are gone.

    There is a clue: In Gmail, some mails do not show the attachment clip next to the mail in the mail list. However, when the mail is viewed, the attachment is there. Other mails do show the attachment icon, and their attachments are also shown in WordPress.

    I have looked at some google forums, and it seems that if the mail is sent by a mail agent that attaches images with content-disposition: inline, then Gmail does not show the attachment icon.

    So this leads me to believe that if a mail has “content-disposition:inline”, then Postie does not attach the image properly.

    But Postie does (partially, anyway) identify the image, because when running Postie manually, it lists the email content parts, and lists one with content-type=image and secondary type=jpg.

    I cannot provide the address for the web site, but I certainly can provide sample emails upon request.

    Any help is appreciated! If anybody has met this problem before, please tell me what you did to solve it.

    …Or can this be a feature request for Postie – to be able to handle these mail types?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    Joachim Bøggild

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  • Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Glad you like it.

    I’d be happy to look at any emails that aren’t parsing propperly. Please send sample emails to Note that forwarding emails usually changes the original email so if possible send it directly to the above email address.

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