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  • Hi,

    I would like to write a plugin that inserts the comments for a post immediately after the_content. I have been unable to find a filter for this, can anyone tell me if it’s possible?

    -John K

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  • Do you mean that you want to display the comments for each post on the front page?

    Yes on the main index page, so like the single post page but without the comment form.

    Has anyone had any ideas about the issue I’m having?

    You might want to look at Inline Ajax Comments. I use it on my blog, and it allows for (I think!) exactly what you are wanting.

    Thanks for the suggestion Steve, but I don’t want to retrieve the comments with Ajax. I want them to be retrieved by PHP when the page is being created.

    I want to know the code to put into wp.php also. I need it for the final part of my (very old) request:
    Entire Blog all in one page?

    I just finally got enough time to try the code, and it works, but doesn’t show the comments, just a link to them.

    So, essentially, I’m looking for exactly what jkeyes is.

    I’m going to download and look at the source of the ajax thing, but if anyone who really knows what they’re doing would post the code first, that’d make me 😀

    Ok, so I poured over the code, and couldn’t figure it out. I even tried installing it, but (maybe because I’m still at 1.5, I think) it gave me an error instead of appearing the comment when I clicked “show comment”

    So, (since my topic has long been locked) maybe someone can help me out. I really just want code to put in wp.php … if you can, please read through my old thread for background on what works so far.

    The two changes I made were replacing the_content and replacing `<?php
    // This is an example of a very simple template

    to this:

    // This is an example of a very simple template
    $wp_query->is_single = true;

    You might want to take a look at this: Show Hide Comments.

    It’s a really old plugin (3 years now), but I still use it on my blog. Perhaps because it’s simple, it still works.

    At any rate, it loads the comments in a hidden div. When the reader clicks on a “show” link, the div is unhidden. It works in conjunction with a show/hide more plugin, which you have to have installed as well.

    You might be able to do something with this code, or at least see what it’s doing.

    I tried looking at the code, and still didn’t know which lines to steal. I also tried installing, but got errors again.

    I’m back to jkeyes first request. Just a few lines of code to put (in wp.php or index.php ??) that tells it to display comments.


    can’t you just copy the code from wp-comments.php into your index page?

    I really appreciate all the suggestions.

    I don’t have wp-comments.php, and I’ve been changing wp.php (not index.php) … but I found some code in comments.php and added it to wp.php and then to index.php with no errors but also no comments.

    I think I’ll either (a) give up or (b) try upgrading and then adding the ajax comments plugin and just click on each of them, then save the whole thing. I see if anyone replies with one more thing to try in the next half day or so. I’m thinking that I’ve just changed too much already, so you’d really either have to carefully read the other topic, or look at all of my code.

    Once again, thanks!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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