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    I’m looking to do inline comments in my theme. I’ve looked through the plugins section and it’s a mess of old broken hacks, so far as I can tell.

    It seems like AJAX commenting should be accomplished by a standard method supported in the wordpress core but I don’t see evidence of it. I’d gut P2 but frankly it looks like a mess al it’s own.

    I’m hoping that I missed something. Please help me find a good, simple, clean way to implement this. The baseline for my project is:
    1. Small, jquery based.
    2. Submit comments inline without a page reload
    3. Handles form validation/post errors gracefully
    4. Load posted comment quickly without a page reload
    5. Compatible with WP 2.9.1

    Above and beyond would be ajax/comet/realtime loading of all comments as they are posted.

    Any suggestions?

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