• I don’t mind promoting other plugins on any free plugin settings page, but I don’t tolerate filling the admin dashboard with spam banners. With a hundred other plugins that do the same that this one does, don’t bother dealing with this kind of stuff, look for a better plugin.

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    The admin notice that was shown was a ‘recommendation’ (and not force usage) to make better use of Email Subscribers. Additionally, the notice was of another free plugin of WordPress (which was also our plugin) and it was easily dismissible if you didn’t wanted to use the recommended plugin.

    Also, it is written clearly here – Detailed Plugin Guidelines under point 5, that

    It’s perfectly fine to attempt to upsell the user on other products and features, but a) not in an annoying manner and b) not by disabling functionality after some time period.

    and we don’t think we have violated any of the above rules.

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    I haven’t said you violated any rules, although “annoying manner” is up for interpretation. I’m not saying either that your plugin should be taken down from the repository. I’m just recommending everyone not to use this plugin and to look for an alternative, for the reasons stated above.

    I can’t have my clients sites filled with advertisement. Of course you don’t care about your own ads, like every developer, but if I start allowing that, soon enough I’ll have ten different banners for various plugins. Keep your ads on your plugins own settings page, and it would be fine with me. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend this plugin to anyone; and as I said before, there are many alternatives.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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