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  • Do no install this plugin. We thought at first out client’s site was hacked as users would see random popup and popunder ads, but as it turns out, Sweet Captcha is injecting Javascript to monetize their plugin.

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    Hi jgunderson,
    Thank you for helping us and using sweetCaptcha!

    sweetCaptcha is running on a very large scale of websites around the world,
    we are handling the latest technical issues by solving it and running our
    tools on each of those websites.
    (this will take some time, but we are on it!)

    To really solve this issue, we can’t support you here, as we need to get from you some private technical details, so please do the following:
    1. if you have any issues with sweetCaptcha, please send us a mail to
    2. please provide a link to your site(please don’t forget this detail), if you have several sites, please send a list.
    3. please provide your sweetCaptcha credentials(its under you site management in your sweetCaptcha account)

    Thank you,
    sweetCaptcha Support Team

    I have the same problem with Sweet Captcha, it throws horrible popup windows. I can’t activate the plugin as it activates the malware right away.

    I’ve been happy using it, please let me know if you solved the problem.

    Thank you,

    @meltech: Read this about Sweat Captcha and their deliberate malware.

    Then uninstall and remove it from any WP site you have or are responsible for. Despite the deceptive post from member “Sweet Captcha” above, the plugin authors know full well about this infection and deliberately put it in place for their own financial gain (and at the financial loss of those using it).

    DEACTIVATE THIS PLUGIN IF YOU HAVE IT!!!!! Injected popup windows from pages the Captcha was not even installed on. Website visitors crazy mad! Originally, I liked the format, and it worked well with Contact Form 7, but have spent almost five hours with phone support and my own investigations to see why our site was redirecting people to sophisticated, IP-aware web scams….ones that knew I was on a Mac, in Canada, on a Bell internet connection, etc…..very, very sneaky. If there is a fix to this in future, I would use it, because I liked the whimsical format of the captcha, but this has been a nightmare!

    Have just wasted hours finding out what was responsible for the strange behaviour on our site … damn them. Discovered that you could get it to kick in by deleting the cookies for the site then reloading the site (in case you need a test method) … it caused page reload, pop-under and stolen links. This is evil

    sweetCaptcha is now a major spammer now. DO NOT INSTALL THIS PLUG-IN!

    I didn’t know what was opening popunders on my site! As soon as I deactivated this plugin, the ads were gone. Nice try Sweet Captcha.

    I experienced the same horrible pop-ups as others described above. Didn’t know how to troubleshoot this myself, so spent money for a SiteLock service to scan and remove the malware from my site. It looks like it came down to deactivating Sweet Captcha. Wish I had discovered that myself. 🙂

    Anyone find a good substitute for Sweet Captcha?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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