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  • Recently I was rolling thru some older posts, and it appears thru XMLRPC/ATOM – someone/something was injecting various ads, comments, etc. into the code with it set to be hidden “display:none” (stopped after I shut-off XMLRPC/ATOM Publishing Options) – I did a quick search, over 1000 posts are hit, never really noticed before so apparently they had plenty of time to have at it.

    A quick fix is to roll back to the original post date, revision control seemed to hold and I can go one by one, but I was curious if anyone knew of a plugin or could suggest some code/reading on maybe mass reverting posts back to their original creation? or even just a dialog to mass-manage revisions?

    Again not against doing some work myself, just could use a wee bit of guidance as my PHP knowledge is borderline between helpful and dangerous 🙂



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