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  • Hi there,
    Thanks for the great plugin.
    Can you please help me to know how I can manually trigger the ajax load more

    I am trying to return the user to same scroll position if user comes back after reading post

    I am trying a logic to

    1) get the post id from the referer when a user comes back to home page , archive page
    2) I search the page for the post with id if such posts exist
    if YES- then I simply scroll the user to that post ID
    IF NO –
    3) I want to trigger the ajax load more and again do step 2

    Please help

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  • Plugin Author dcooney


    Hi @ojasya,
    You could use the following:

    I’m not sure if this is what you need though. Sounds like the SEO add-on is what you are after. It will send the user back to the page # they left off on.

    Hope this helps.

    thanks a lot for the prompt reply

    Yes almTriggerClick(); was the thing I was looking for 🙂
    meanwhile I was waiting for the reply I tried alternate methods scrolling the page to footer and then almTriggerClick() was automatically triggered as we are doing infinity scroll

    Can I see some demo of SEO add-on ??

    The solution is not so clean right now so I can try the seo add on if it gives solution.

    Currently if user is on home page and there are 10 posts per pages
    and user clicks on 98th post and goes to single.php and then clicks on our custom go back button
    then page scrolls 9 times and almTriggerClick() or ajax load more is triggered 9 times.
    so the whole process is a bit slow

    so I was looking for something like where user directly goes back to 9th page

    Plugin Author dcooney



    Yes exactly what I want


    Can you please clarify my last confusions
    1) So do I need to buy pro version too if I only want to use SEO extension
    2) I see that your inital set of posts doesn’t take time to load and are preloaded . Do
    we need other extension for that?
    3) the this seo functionality will also work on home page .. right ?

    Plugin Author dcooney


    1. No, just SEO
    2. Yes, Preloaded can help you here as well especially with server side caching etc..
    3. Yes, homepage works.

    HI @dcooney,


    Ok we purchased that SEO extension ..
    implemented it but it seems its not working perfect ,,

    2 out of 10 times I am not returned to the same position
    plus I also noticed that the order of posts on homepage is seems to be random ..
    may be thats the reason

    I had injected some ads after 5 posts so thought that might be the reason
    but then I turned of the ads ,,,

    And tried again — Initial y see no ads , I go to singlepost — return back from browser
    a) Neither I am returned to the same position
    b) The order of all the posts seems to be random rather than fixed i.e DESC by date
    c) and most strange since for testing ,I turned of the ads from repeater template (using almvariable ) , there should now be no ads but still ads are coming

    Its totally strange ..

    can there be some kind of cache -because There is no additonal cache plugin

    Where should I send you the link for the website please let me know


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    Plugin Author dcooney


    You could open a support ticket here.


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