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  • Hi,

    I’ve taken over a wordpress site ( The designer of the theme and the person who originally set it up no longer communicates at all with our organisation so I’m unable to field my questions to him.

    All I have is the admin login details for this site. This is fine for posting and making minor changes from the WP dashboard but I don’t have adequate permissions for anything else. I’m unable to use an FTP client as I don’t have the host information etc.

    Apologies if the question seems really basic but I’m a basic kind of girl.

    I need to know what I need to know and where I can find it out 🙂

    i.e what do I need to do in order to use FTP to update the site, bearing in mind I can’t contact the designer.
    How can I adequately back up the site.

    What passwords and permissions do I need that I don’t currently have?

    Any and all help or advise is most welcome.

    Cheers in advance,


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  • You can search this forum and find excellent advice on how to do your WP site backups. The gist is that you have to do two backups: the site content, and separately, the database.

    As we all know and probably very few of us do properly, it’s wise to back up regularly if we really care about being able to restore after a failure. We have to assume there’s bound to be a failure sooner or later, and nobody wants to be the person to tell the stakeholders sorry, we are unable to restore!

    Yes, you will have to find out the hosting account and password for FTP access for your backups. You can see some details for the domain registration for your site at — looks like your domain registrar might also be your host space provider, and if so, perhaps they will help you get authorized for the FTP access.

    By the way, looks like your domain name is set to expire on 24 Feb, and if only the non-communicating person is on the registrar’s contact list, you won’t get the bill and the domain name could suddenly fall into somebody else’s hands.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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