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  • First, I apologize in advance if I get terminology wrong, or if I’m asking stupid questions. I inherited a web site for our company after we fired our web site’s builder. I’m a veteran Windows user and graphic artist, but have no prior experience with WordPress.

    I’ve been stumbling around, and figuring out bit by bit how to edit our site. I find the interface extraordinarily cumbersome and arcane (despite assurances everywhere that it’s easy and intuitive!).

    I’ve screwed up the slide show on our home page. I can’t find a way to edit the width, height or justification of the pictures. I can’t find WHERE the slide show is embedded. I can’t seem to make any other slideshow work in the same space. And almost every place I’ve looked for help has been for a different version of WordPress (one that actually DOES look easy and intuitive?!?).

    In short, please help, or at least point me to some help? Because this is driving me crazy. Thanks so much. –Jamie in Las Vegas


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  • esmi


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    What theme are you using? Where did you download it from?
    Is the slideshow part of your theme or a plugin?

    As I said, I inherited this theme, so I didn’t download it at all. I’s called theme1328. The original slide show seems to have been using the plugin that is just called “Slides.” I’ve tried adding Meteor Slides, but unfortunately can’t figure out how to make it work, or HOW to insert it into the home page.



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    I’m sorry but as you appear to be using a non-WPORG theme, you need to seek support from the theme’s developers – paid or otherwise. We only support themes downloaded from here.

    Wow. More lost now than ever!

    I’ve used a lot of programs, but I sure can’t see how this one is easy or intuitive. Thanks anyway, I’ll figure something out.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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