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    First thank you for the easy and beuti plugin.
    I´m trying to switch between these 6 tabs, but nothing happens when i click on each one of them.
    And even if I change the theme…. This is the problem number 1
    The second one is that the sold option never works, every time i choose yes for the car to be sold, it becomes to no after I press update.

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    Same problem here, running latest version of wordpress. Anyone has the solution?
    Thank you



    find header.php for your theme and insert this code into it.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    	jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    			jQuery('a#tab_1').on('click', function() { car_demon_switch_tabs(1, 7, 'tab_', 'content_') } );
    			jQuery('a#tab_2').on('click', function() { car_demon_switch_tabs(2, 7, 'tab_', 'content_') } );
    			jQuery('a#tab_3').on('click', function() { car_demon_switch_tabs(3, 7, 'tab_', 'content_') } );
    			jQuery('a#tab_4').on('click', function() { car_demon_switch_tabs(4, 7, 'tab_', 'content_') } );
    			jQuery('a#tab_5').on('click', function() { car_demon_switch_tabs(5, 7, 'tab_', 'content_') } );
    			jQuery('a#tab_6').on('click', function() { car_demon_switch_tabs(6, 7, 'tab_', 'content_') } );
    			jQuery('a#tab_7').on('click', function() { car_demon_switch_tabs(7, 7, 'tab_', 'content_') } );

    Someone else posted this fix i just cant remember who sorry

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    I did what you say and I also inserted it to the theme editor box, but that did not solve the problem.

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    It works now, the problem solved by reinstalling the theme after installing the plugin!

    And Actually after all the other changes, NOT including the change of wp-content folder.

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