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  • The description shows up fine on the page inside my website but when I try to share on Facebook I get this:

    Welcoming in a New Cycle of Growth | WellSprings Women’s Program

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    Here is my header info. Thanks for any help!




    This file controls the HTML <head> and top graphical markup (including Navigation) for each page in your theme.
    You can control what shows up where using WordPress and PageLines PHP conditionals

    This theme copyright (C) 2008-2010 PageLines

    pagelines_register_hook(‘pagelines_before_html’); // Hook
    ?><!DOCTYPE html>
    <html <?php language_attributes(); ?>>

    pagelines_register_hook(‘pagelines_head’); // Hook

    wp_head(); // Hook (WordPress)
    print_pagelines_option(‘asynch_analytics’); // Recommended Spot For Asynchronous Google Analytics
    <body <?php body_class( pagelines_body_classes() ); ?>>
    pagelines_register_hook(‘pagelines_before_site’); // Hook

    ?><div id=”site” class=”<?php echo pagelines_layout_mode();?>”> <!– #site // Wraps #header, #page-main, #footer – closed in footer –>
    <?php pagelines_register_hook(‘pagelines_before_page’); // Hook ?>
    <div id=”page”> <!– #page // Wraps #header, #page-main – closed in footer –>
    <div id=”page-canvas”>
    <?php pagelines_register_hook(‘pagelines_before_header’);?>
    <div id=”header” class=”container-group fix”>
    <div class=”outline”>
    <?php pagelines_template_area(‘pagelines_header’, ‘header’); // Hook ?>
    <?php pagelines_register_hook(‘pagelines_before_main’); // Hook ?>
    <div id=”page-main” class=”container-group fix”> <!– #page-main // closed in footer –>
    <div id=”dynamic-content” class=”outline fix”>
    <?php if(pagelines_is_buddypress_page()):?>
    <div id=”buddypress-page” class=”fix”>
    <div class=”content fix”>
    <?php endif;?>

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