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    Thank you for making this plug-in available. It looks very promising. I have my blog set up so that I must approve the first comment from a new commenter. Unfortunately, when a new commenter submits his comment, and correctly answers the CAPTCHA, he gets no feedback saying that the comment is waiting for moderation. He doesn’t know if his comment has been accepted or rejected or if there was some technical trouble.

    I had been using a different plug-in (which had other problems that forced me to discontinue its use) and it helpfully showed the text of the comment to the commenter with a warning similar to: “Comment pending review by moderator.”

    Is there any way to get this functionality with Conditional CAPTCHA?

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  • Plugin Author Samir Shah



    Ideally your theme should be doing this. If you look at the default WordPress themes, they will display the comment along with a message to the commenter saying that the comment is awaiting moderation.

    Of course if the comment is rejected then the plugin displays a message saying so.

    Thanks for your quick reply. If I disable the Conditional CAPTCHA (CC) plug-in, my theme does in fact display the “awaiting moderation” message. However, when CC is activated the “awaiting moderation” message is not displayed.

    Just to be clear, I am talking about comments where the reCAPTCHA text was entered corrected and the comment shows up in the WP administration dashboard waiting for me to accept or reject it.

    Any ideas why this is happening?

    Plugin Author Samir Shah


    Hmm, it should be showing the message even when the plugin is active. Let me look into it and get back in few days.

    Thanks for your help. I just want to add a bit of additional information. This misbehavior seems to be browser dependent.

    With CC deactivated: Safari and Firefox in OS X show the “awaiting moderation” message.

    With CC activated: Safari in OS X, and Firefox and IE in Windows XP do not show the “awaiting moderation” message. However, Firefox in OS X does show the message and basically behaves as desired.


    Sorry. I forgot to add that if I can be of any assistance doing testing or providing additional information I am happy to help.

    Plugin Author Samir Shah


    Are all of the browsers you are testing with set to accept cookies? WordPress uses them to determine when to display that message.

    Plugin Author Samir Shah


    I found the problem, and I have just released an update (version 3.4.1) which should fix it. Let me know if you still have problems.

    I just tried 3.4.1 and it looks like the problem is fixed. Outstanding!

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