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  • Hello,
    I’ll admit my hesitance in posting this, but really want some feedback from the WordPress community. So, here goes.
    I have a blog at
    My students have blogs, too. They are located here:
    I wanted them to [a] experience installing the software/script (all 46 installed WordPress in their student accounts), [b] explore how they (blogs) may be used in professional life (primarily business applications), [c] learning through reading various blogs and [d] honing their writing skills in their own blogs. It is early, so I’m not ready to comment on the ‘value’ of their experiences, but it has been fun.
    We also took part in the discussion of the WordPress review ‘’
    Any comments/critiques/suggestions are welcome. Comments on our blogs are ‘moderated’ due to spam, but please feel free to comment in any of them. Remember (if you comment in the student’s blogs), they are my students – be nice, yet constructive – I care about them.
    For my part, WordPress is terrific. I really love the ease of use, adaptability and large contributing community.

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  • I realize, now, that this section is really for discussing the design/look of the sites … although there are comments about content here, too.
    Any tips as to what forum topic sections might draw constructive comments to my student’s blogs? They really want/need some feedback (from someone besides me) about what they are doing (although we realize that they are new at this and really have only blogged a little bit).

    This summer I did some work with a compendium for Eastgate Systems of projects very much like your own. Your frustration is a shared one. The goal of the compendium was to gather like-minded projects together to facilitate some dialogue among them, so as not to leave them all in a vacuum. the compundium isn’t online jsut yet, but it should be in a couple of weeks. Are you interested in lsiting your class blogs in there? Send me an e-mail.
    Otherwise, I think you should reccomend to your students that they post links-to and comments about (not to mention trackbacks to and comments on) whatever like-minded blogs there are out there. Blogs themselves, rather than this space, are probably the most fertile ground for what you’re after.

    Thank you, Dylan.
    I agree about seeking comment by going out and commenting / trackbacks, elsewhere. I have already been encouraging them to do that. This post was just a small ‘plea’ ;o)
    I realize that blogging in education (although I’ve found many examples) is still a new endeavor. Any new resources and feedback, are – of course – always appreciated.
    I sent an e-mail to you re: the “compendium for Eastgate Systems”. Yes, we would like to be included in your listings.
    Thank you for the feedback and best wishes.

    Well I will make 3 observations And I hope you take them in the constructive spirit they are intended. First of all your server is really frustratingly slow. Too slow to want to wait. Secondly even allowing for the server the url posted here to the student links gives a list of the blogs but many of them return a 404. Maybe temporary – who knows? Next up as a teacher I admire your enterprise and initiative in setting it up but blogging is a one man activity. If they want feedback let the bloggers come and ask. Finally and I do not mean to be negative but I only got to see one blog rendered because of the issues outlined above. That one had a layout which I know from personal experience is very unstable and will bOrk at the first opportunity. You wanted feedback.

    *grin* and I appreciate your response, Root.
    the server thing is because they are on the university servers – we just went through a hurricane here and they are still having a ‘lot’ of problems. in retrospect, i’ve been thinking that i posted the request here too early anyway. so, my apologies
    … once the IT folks get those server issues dealt with, the speed will come back. as for my server (provider)? hmm? they, too, have had ‘server’ issue lately.
    i wish you would have told me ‘which layout’ has a potential problem. that would help.
    and, yes, they should be coming out on their own. i’m seeing them ‘slowly’ creep out and post elsewhere … we’ll see how it goes.
    thank you for your feedback.

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