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  • Hi

    I am modifying the Twenty Ten theme, and there is a lot of good info shared here on the forum. But it becomes spread.

    What about an info page on how to modify Twenty Ten section?

    The reason why I am asking is that there are certain things I am struggling with. For instance I would like more comments in the header.php to understand what each line does and tips&tricks in the comments for modifying the header section. (alignment, size, adding a clickable logo on top, etc) or a headerreadme.txt file that can come along with the theme to give tips and tricks on the most common modifications.

    I would perhaps even create a video tutorial out of the most common modifications, but I would need the best practice info on how to do them.

    I am thinking of ways to help myself and everyone else that are new to WordPress.

    Have a great day!

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  • I would probably start by reading the following if your haven’t:

    It also has links to guides working with the Twenty Ten theme and other things.

    Because the Twenty Ten theme itself might be updated, creating a child theme of it will keep your changes from being over-written. It’s also much easier to keep track of any customized theme code.

    There are far more comments in the Twenty Ten theme, than there are in most others, many developers would strip out most comments to speed up the page read and load times.

    At what skill level would you target also becomes an issue, if someone is reading the code, then a level of understanding is assumed.

    I do agree that while learning theme development you find yourself on Google quite a bit, pulling together tips and tricks from many different sources and styles, many are not current, and may also not now be relevent.

    If it helps I have over twenty tutorial posts to get you started, these are written for the novice or intermediate level, and each post is a follow on for the one before, so you can pace your learning.

    These use the latest WordPress 3 and Twenty Ten, Child Themes, Templates and Template Parts, supporting files are there for download, so you can compare your code, I will answer posted comments that are related only to the content.



    MarkRH: Thanks for the link. I have read about child-themes and have created a copy of the original twenty ten theme and am using that. For now I am using the styles.css and am making additional comments along the way to help me sort out what is what. I have also made some changes to the footer.php file and commented it. When I am satisfied with my changes I’ll probably take them into a new child styles.css file and the functions.php. But how do I add the changes to the header and footer.php into a child?

    David: Thanks for sharing your tutorials! I am looking forward to a closer look at them! I have in the last few days spent a lot of time digging into the styles.css file seeing what is what of the code. And have managed to create a pretty nice layout from modifying the css.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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