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  • Does anyone know where to find info on making and placing that customized icon for a web-site’s URL? I had it once, and I seem to have lost it.


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  • Precisely! Well…not that specific link, but at least I’ve got a place to start to make one o’ these dingers…

    Thanks, Marc!

    if you have photoshop, you can easily create one out of there. i did it for my site. took me a whole 30 seconds maybe. i just did a search in google, and tutorials on creating favicons and it came up….pretty easy.

    if you have any trouble with it, i can create one for you and send it over.

    Omigosh! That was too easy!! It’s done. And I didn’t even have to pay for it.
    I guess everybody with a website must know about this?


    Hey, that’s nice of you to offer, Ennis! But the Favicon site beat ya to it 😉


    anytime. good to hear you got it workin’

    Interesting note: after creating and placing the favicon, I was having trouble getting it to “stick” across pages, and after switching to a different tab (website) and back again. Other sites had their favicons stick just fine. So…I discovered that you need to know *which* WP-files (yes, more than one!) that contain the <header> tags need to contain the <link ref…> (favicon path reference) tag. They are:

    1) wp-content/themes/<your theme here>/header.php
    2) <site root>/wp.php

    Now the favicon ‘sticks’ across pages. ( This assumes the favicon itself is loose in the same directory as your header.php file, as seems to be suggested in ‘favicon best practices’.)


    Is there a way to make it “global” in a sense that I don’t have to modify each theme in order to have the favicon working. I’m asking this because if I suddenly decide to switch themes then I would have to edit each theme’s header.php file in order to have the favicon working.
    I tried placing it in the index.php on the main directory but the site wouldn’t load 🙁


    i’ve never had any porblems with it sticking but thats because i have it in the root called favicon.ico. The browser does the rest.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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