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    is there any hope for those who do not want to use Jetpack’s Infinite Scrolling to have such effect working on destin-basic homepage?

    i’ve tried 3 plugins already (the most downloaded ones), but the homepage “masonry” effect fails miserably.

    the only one that seems to work is a fork from Jetpack’s IS, but has no admin interface for any customisation (like “load more” button) and picks the no-image thumbnail from the parent theme.

    could you be so kind to help us out?

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  • ok, here’s an update:

    i’ve found a plugin, Module Control for Jetpack, which allows you to set Jetpack in dev mode and be able to use only some of its features which don’t require connecting to

    using this workaround, i’m able to use Jetpack’s own Infinite Scroll plugin.

    there still remain one major problem: the plugin picks the no-featured-image from the parent theme!

    any suggestion on how to fix that?

    of course it’d be even nicer (for me at least) to have a “Load more” button instead of loading with the scrolling: are you sure there’s no other working alternative to Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll for destin-basic?

    right, i think i sorted the arcane by myself.
    i’m posting it in case anyone else needs it.

    the support for Jetpack Infinite Scroll is within the parent theme’s function bavotasan_setup(), so if anyone wants to change IS settings one has to overwrite that function first.
    i copied the entire function over to my child theme functions.php file and change it accordingly.

    if you’ve customised your own version of the bavotasan_front_page_render(), you can indicate it in the ‘render’ argument.

    same if you’d like a button instead of the scrolling, change the argument ‘type’ => ‘scroll’ into ‘type’ => ‘click’.

    hope that helps.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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