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  • Hey Team,

    Thanks again for this amazing theme! I truly love it!! There is one bug with infinite scroll I can’t fix …

    I use a WooCommerce shortcode in the category description: [product_categories columns=”4″ ids=”36, 35, 41, 40″] I need this to display categories add the top of the page. However this causes trouble with the infinite scroll of products.

    Look at this example category:

    The problem: Products are instantly loaded into the category description.
    I have 24 products per page, and the example category has 25 products in total. The 25th product gets loaded into the category description as well as at the bottom on the page.
    This is only happening when I use the woocommerce shortcode in my description. When I remove the shortcode, the infinite scroll seems to work fine.

    Maybe this only occurs on my site, but is suspect this is a general bug. Would be great to get this working!

    Is there a fix for this available?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello,

    Try to make the product – ‘USB in de vorm van boek’ unpublished and check it works properly or not.
    Can you please tell me how to replicate this issue? Are you using any additional plugin for products?

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    Replicate this issue by:
    1) Having a category page with at least a few sample products
    2) Setting the amount of products per page lower than the total amount of products in the category, e.g. 12 products per page and 14 products in category. This should be done to trigger infinite scroll. Customizer>Woocommerce>Archives>Products per page
    3) Enabling infinite scroll Customizer>Woocommerce>Archives>Pagination Style “Infinite scroll”
    4) Using this shortcode [product_categories] in a woocommerce category description: Dashboard>Products>categories>description The shortcode is the cause of the weird behavior.

    “Try to make the product – ‘USB in de vorm van boek’ unpublished and check it works properly or not.” The problem is not the product. This is just the product that would have been on the 2nd page and is now loaded by the infinite scroll function.

    I’ve actually set my “products per page” to 12, and this caused 13 (25 product in total) products to load in the category description. In other words, every product that would have been on the second page of the category, is now loaded in the description.

    Thank you for the explanation. I’ll test it to see what is wrong with it and get back to you asap.

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    Thank you Amit! That’d be great!


    I have tested this issue on three sites. Only one is working fine and two have the same issue. I have passed this issue to the dev team. Hope it will be fixed very soon.

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    Okay I will switch back to normal pagination for the time being. Thank you very much for your time and support!

    Okay, thank you for the understanding.

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